How Not to Die: Living a Healthy and Sustainable Life

“How Not to Die” is a comprehensive guide by Dr. Michael Greger that explores evidence-based strategies and dietary recommendations to prevent and reverse chronic diseases, promoting optimum health and longevity.

What Happened To You: Exploring the Profound Insights

“What Happened To You” is a book that explores the impact of childhood trauma on individuals and offers insights for understanding and healing.

Greenlights: Embracing the Unconventional Path to Success

“Greenlights” is a memoir by Matthew McConaughey, offering an insightful and entertaining exploration of his unconventional life, filled with personal anecdotes, reflections, and lessons learned.

Homo Deus: A Vision of Humanity’s Future

“Homo Deus” is a thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s future, delving into the potential paths and challenges that may arise as humans continue to advance technologically and redefine their existence.

Running on Empty: Struggles and Triumphs of a Fading Soul

Running on Empty is a self-help book by Jonice Webb that explores the impact of childhood emotional neglect and provides guidance on how to heal from its effects.

Evolutionary Psychology: The Science of Human Nature

Evolutionary Psychology explores how our ancestral history shapes the human mind and behavior, providing insights into understanding our evolutionary origins.

The Road Less Traveled:A Journey Towards Self-Discovery

“The Road Less Traveled” is a transformative self-help book that explores the importance of discipline, personal growth, and facing life’s challenges head-on to achieve true fulfillment.

Antifragile:Thriving in Uncertainty

“Antifragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb explores the concept of systems and individuals that thrive and benefit from shocks, uncertainty, and disorder, ultimately revealing how to navigate and embrace volatility in order to achieve resilience and growth.

Upheaval:Insights on Building Stronger Societies

“Upheaval” by Jared Diamond explores the patterns of successful and failed national responses to crises throughout history, providing valuable insights into how nations can navigate through contemporary challenges.

Year Zero: Unveiling the Transformative Power

“Year Zero: A History of 1945” by Ian Buruma offers a comprehensive account of the transformative events and aftermath of the pivotal year, highlighting the immense challenges and complex dynamics that shaped the world after World War II.

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