The Four Agreements Full Book Introduction

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements Full Book Introduction 


We are born into a nightmare. From birth, our parents or guardians teach us the ways of the social world. They want to help us to adapt to the rules and belief systems in this current nightmare; until a day comes when we start to educate ourselves to be like obedient animals with freedom taken from us. Luckily, The Four Agreements can rescue us from this nightmare. The author deploys these four agreements as a weapon for people to turn against their everyday suffering and guilt. It is a battle to break the intangible bonds of entrenched obedience and have the ability to pursue true happiness.


Author : Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz was born into a family of healers. They were practitioners of ancient Toltec traditions. After high school, he was admitted to study medicine and graduated as a surgeon. Following a near-death experience, Ruiz became interested in Toltec culture, which he went on to study, conducting research into the heritage of pre-Columbian healing and teaching. Today, he is a Nasual of the Eagle Knight lineage. This means he is responsible for guiding people towards spiritual freedom and committed to sharing the Toltec culture to enlighten future generations.


Overview | Chapter 1

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book.


From a Southern Mexican perspective, Toltec culture embodies thousands of years of wisdom. The Toltecs were mostly scientists and artists. Over many generations, their civilization encouraged people to explore spiritual knowledge in a quest for ultimate truth. Toltecs advocate spirituality but do not preach religion. Their culture is devoted to helping people achieve spiritual freedom, transcendent love and happiness.


Over the past few thousand years, the Toltecs have guarded their ancestral wisdom, keeping it a secret, fearing the probability of their spiritual riches being misused by European conquerors and miscreant disciples. As their homeland became exposed to the outside world, it was more vital to protect Toltec knowledge and keep it pure. However, in the spirit of sharing wisdom and helping people on their route to enlightenment, Don Miguel Ruiz finally decided to sit down and write to let more people know about Toltec culture through his book The Four Agreements.


This book can truly set your mind free. In its pages, Ruiz tells us that everyone is born into a nightmare. From the moment we are born, our parents teach us how to adapt to the rules and regulations of the nightmare until the day comes when we start to train ourselves to conform and become obedient like a well-trained animal with no hope of freedom. Luckily, The Four Agreements can rescue us from this fate. The agreements of the title are as follows: “be impeccable with your word,” “don’t take anything personally,” “don’t make assumptions,” and “always do your best.” Wielding these four agreements as our tools, Ruiz aims to help us perceive the nature of our suffering and to break free from invisible bondage, so as to chase true freedom and happiness.


Next, let’s talk through the book’s content in three parts:

Part One: A painful life in nightmares

Part Two: Four agreements that will change your life

And Part Three: Break free from old agreements and win back your freedom

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